Dr Filippo Prischi


Group Leader and Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry

Knowledge of proteins and other biological macromolecules 3D structures is essential to understand how they work.

Key research questions:

  • What are the mechanisms that govern passage of information inside a cell? Can we identify strategies to mimic or regulate them?
  • How do proteins recognise different cellular targets, and how is this recognition regulated?
  • …ultimately, why does cancer form? What went wrong?

Kęstutis Lapėnas

PhD student

Flipping the switch; regulating protein synthesis in response to stress

Rashin Khalaj

PhD student

Targeting the Androgen Receptor and heme synthesis as treatment options for Prostate Cancer

Former Lab Members

Ryan Cronin (PhD) – now Research Scientist at Isomerase

Dr Alessandro Sicorello (Postdoctoral Researcher) – now Postdoc at UCL

Dr Vinayakumar Gedi (Postdoctoral Researcher) – now Postdoc at University of Limerick

Eleanor Rees (Research Assistant) – now Associate Scientist at Theolytics

Ana Maria Isac (PhD) – now Postdoc at Northwestern University

Louise Dunnett (PhD) – now Postdoc at Diamond Light Source

Emma Stanton (MSD) – now PhD at Swansea University

Georgia Taylor (MSD) – now PhD at UCL

Billy Murphy (MSD) – now PhD at Royal Holloway